Rules & Regulations

Rustication / Expulsion

Description for Misconduct

Where, a student is guilty of misconduct or impropriety any penalty as listed below may be imposed upon him, keeping in view the severity of the offence-

  • Fined
  • Placed on probation for a fixed period not exceeding three months. If during the period he/she fails to improve his/her conduct, he/she may be rusticated or expelled from the institution.
  • Suspended from the institution for a maximum period of two weeks at a time.
  • Expelled or rusticated, from the institution. In this case a copy of the notification will be endorsed to the university.


Description for Rustication of Expulsion

Rustication means the loss of one academic year so far as his/her appearance in a university examination is concerned. The periods of absence from the college will, however, depend upon the time of the year when the penalty is imposed upon a student. After the expiry of the period of rustication the student will be eligible to seek admission in any institution subject to the permission accorded by the university. Following will be ensured for expulsion:

  • No student shall remain on roll of the institution during his/her period of rustication/expulsion.
  • A copy of the notification regarding rustication or expulsion of a student must be furnished to the university by the Principal concerned. If any such case is revised, the decision must be communicated to the board.


  • Minimum attendance required is 85% for each theory and practical individually Relaxation in attendance is allowable up to 10% only on medical grounds as per university rules.
  • Sectional marks are linked with attendance performance in the class tests and Model Test examination Therefore, the student must try to attend maximum of classes and perform well in the test examinations.
  • Failure to fulfill minimum attendance and poor performance may result in the student not being permitted to appear in University Examination and thereby repeating the semester.
  • Vacation will be declared as per the academic calendar of the institute as notified from to time
  • Fines may be levied for unauthorized absence from classes as decided by institute.
  • Mass Absenteeism will be viewed seriously and heavy fine may be imposed in the whole class for such an act.Student’s parents/ guardians may also be informed regarding appropriate action.