Labs & Workshops

Each Institute in JK Group provides state-of-the-art laboratories owing to which this group has created a repute of its own in the field of academics and education. Well-equipped laboratories with top-notch facilities serve as an extra benefits for the students, which help them in exploring their subjects at a greater depth.

Each Institutions has its own computer labs equipped with modern hardware and software with high bandwidth Internet and Wi-Fi connections. Experiments are designed in such a way that the students become well aware of the concepts they learn in the theory sessions. The motive of the lab is to train students in the latest technology trends.

The workshop accommodates all essential branch-shops for welding, fitting, forging, black smithy, carpentry, foundry etc. The workshop contains machines like Lathes, Power hammers, Drills, Grinders, Millers, Power cutting machines etc.


Libraries are backbone of any civilized society and heart of any academic institution, thus the library at Institutions of JK Group also acquire a prominent place among the students and faculties. Library at JKIE is situated in a two storied centrally air-cooled Building spread over an area of 2000 square meters & serving 1763 Members, it is a central place for academic and research activities. All the The Libraries have very rich collection of relevant books and journal. The library services at JK Group of Institutions are provided to students, staff & faculty members for updating their knowledge and supporting the research and teaching/learning activities These service are provided through the central library and departmental libraries, keeping in view the fast changes in technology, the knowledge base of the library is updated regularly by way of adding literature bin the form of text books, reference books, reports, proceedings, abstracts & indexes, encyclopedias, data books, standard (National & international), Journals & database on CD-ROM Apart from adding the new programmes along with current one.


JK Group of Institutions provides accommodation to students wishing to reside in the hostels. Each hostel in the institute is an independent unit in respect to his internal administration under the overall supervision of the Council of Wardens and the Hostel Management. The hostel is administered by a Warden appoint by the Director and he/she is assisted by an Asst. Warden in all matters relating to the hostel. Each hostel also has a Hostel Council which is an advisory body comprising the Warden and the Hostel (as its Chairman), the Asst. Warden and the elected student secretaries as its members. The Hostel Council plans the students' activities for the year, prepares the budget for sports, recreational and other social activities of the students through the respective student secretaries and is responsible for the running of individual messes with the help of the mess committee. The Hostel Office is located within the hostel premises. Attached to each office are an Office Manager and an Attender who assist the Warden in matters related to the various activities of the hostel.


JK Group of Institutions have a robust transport system with a fleet of buses. They facilitate ease of conveyance for both students and staff. The buses ply to and from the prominent parts inside the Erode city and its sub-urban areas. Luxurious bus for long distance areas for comfortable travelling. The service area for the system, its hours of operation, and the location for each bus stop will be changes according to semester time table.


JK Group of Institutions believes in empowering the students through holistic education by its systematic and focused course of action. The college has laid platform for numerous talents of our students. The college has very good infrastructural facilities for Sports and related extra- curricular activities, which have been developed and have thrived over the years. Cricket, football and volleyball are regular features at JKIE Indoor games like carom, badminton and table tennis are play in the campus many more sports and games disciplines are available for the recreation of the student.


JK Group of Institutions have spacious canteens at campus. At the canteens, dishing out menus are highly popular among students as well as staffs. Students enjoy their food in the clean, well maintained, aesthetic and appetizing atmosphere. Most people fondly remember their college canteen as one of their life's high points. It is the place where they keep their creative juices flowing with hot discussions, chewing ideas, exchanging and sharing strongly held opinions and eatables. Kitchen staff takes care to provide the students and staff a nutritious and hygienic food at our campus canteen. A variety of hygienic food and snack items includes South and North Indian Meals, Variety Rice, Tandoori, Chat, Chinese Foods, Cakes, Fresh Juices, Fruits, Ice Creams galore the menu.